Homeowners Coverage

Your home is your biggest asset. Protecting it has never been more important than today.

Auto Insurance

Life is about options. Why not choose a company that provides multiple choices? Let us give you the best options so you can just drive.

Commercial Insurance

We speak to the small business owner. Understanding small business needs are crucial to finding the perfect coverage.

What our customers say

Check out these detailed scenarios from our most valuable customers to see more of what Wayfinder can offer.

The Adams Family

No matter the size of your dwelling, we can cover it no problem.

Greg Lawson

Mr. Lawson suffered an unfortunate automobile accident. He didn't worry one bit. We had him properly covered.

Philip Freefall

Philip races ATVs for a living. Not having adequate ATV coverage would be devastating if something were to happen.

Wayfinder Insurance

Let Wayfinder Insurance guide your business to stress free coverage. Our expertise can grow with your particular situation.